Elie El Hajj

Chef Elie’s culinary journey began in the warmth of sharing home-cooked meals with loved ones.
Workshops sparked his love for French pastry, leading him to master both French and Lebanese savory cuisines. Working in various restaurants and hotels provided him valuable experiences before, Le Cordon Bleu Lebanon became his next stop, where he earned the prestigious Grand Diplôme, mastering both French culinary and pastry arts.
But his hunger for knowledge didn’t stop there! Chef Elie embarked on a Parisian adventure in “Culinary Management”, at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, where life pushed him to new heights, refined his skills & graduated with honors. Now, armed with diverse experiences, Chef Elie embarks on a culinary goal: merging traditional techniques passed through generations, blending the rich flavors of Lebanon with the precision and finesse of French techniques.