Cesar El Khoury

Cesar El Khoury’s life has been defined by a profound transformation. With a strong background in biochemistry and 13 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he found himself at a crossroads when circumstances in his native Lebanon forced the closure of his company and left him unemployed. Instead of yielding to adversity, Cesar used this setback as an opportunity to follow his true passion – sushi. Fueled by an enduring love for sushi and a desire to share that love with others, he set out on a new path. Cesar’s vision was to create a unique culinary experience, which he aptly named Sushicez, where people could both savor sushi and engage in the art of making it themselves. With unwavering determination, he embarked on this culinary adventure, becoming an expert in sushi-making and transforming his career. Sushicez rapidly gained popularity as a destination for both sushi enthusiasts and those eager to learn the art of sushi-making, hosting thousands of guests and instructing hundreds through Kitchen Lab classes and team-building events.