Mixology Package

Started on 10 Tue, 19:00 - 21:00

Instructor: Expert & Mixologist M. Naanaa
Date: September and October 2019 (4 sessions, every Tuesday)
Starting Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Price: $350 / person (all taxes included)


This class is designed for people interested in developing skills and experience bartending. Mostly, everyone is familiar with the basic drinks which are made from spirits mixed with juices, soft or energy drinks. But globally, drinks culture has changed and cocktails are taking over.

With 9 years of experience and with top ranking in local and international competition Moe Naanaa will explain in this class about Diageo’s Reserve brands and how they mix with other ingredients to make perfect serves and cocktails in all their forms.


– You will gain good overview of spirit production – knowledge and a clear understanding of the spirit categories
– You will commit to correctly using and taking care of your bar tools and equipment
– You will commit to using best practice principles in selecting and maintaining glassware
– You will understand the pour technique principles and commit to practising
– You will see the benefits of using fresh fruits in your drinks preparation
– You will develop essential, actionable knowledge on creating high quality, perfectly served spirit and mixer drinks
– You will gain actionable knowledge on creating popular cocktails
– You will practise a variety of mixing techniques
– You will build your knowledge of some of the most popular, simple-to-make and higher-margin cocktails
– You will get the know-how on experimenting and creating uniquely different Signature Serves
– You will see how to make and recommend pre-meal Aperitifs, Digestives and spirit and cocktail serves to compliment food occasions

At the end of the sessions you will get a diploma ‘Diageo x KitchenLab’, a bartending tool kit and a Johnnie Walker gift pack! 
*Giveaways will be given for the attendees of the four classes.

1st class

– Essential Techniques: Pouring, Ice care, Garnishes…
– Bar Technique: Shaking, Stirring, Rolling and Building a cocktail
– Bar Equipment: Bar Tools & Glassware
– Pouring Garnish

2nd class

– Brand & Spirit Knowledge: From beer through wine to spirits
– Homemade Ingredients: Syrups, Infusions, Puree etc… Using spices, herbs, fruits and botanicals
– Cooking and Reduction Techniques + Cocktail Making

3rd class

– The essential guide to cocktails: Cocktail basics, Mixing techniques, popular cocktails
– The difference between types of cocktails: Aperitif, Sweet and Sour, Digestive, Low proof, Classics etc…

4th class

– Presentation and appearance: Aromas, Smoke, Garnish, Dried fruits…
– Perfect Serve
– How to twist on a classic: Your signature cocktail

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