Mixology: Cocktails & Antipasti

Started on 27 Fri, 19:15 - 21:30

Instructor: Mixologist Jack Zgheib & Chef Carolina Abiassaf
Date: Friday, March 27
Time: 7:15 PM to 9:30 PM
Price: $55/person (all taxes included)
– A touch of rose
: Pink Gordons with loads of strawberries, and a touch of floral syrup toping with Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial for a bubbly time
– Ron Italiano: Ron Zacapa rum, sweet notes of dark caramel, spicy honey, and chocolate bitter mixed with Hennessey Cognac, oak notes with a hint of grapes and a final touch of an Italian bitter liqueur of the amaro variety
– Teriyaki Chicken and Pineapple Yakitori
– Beet hummus with homemade crackers
Who said your homemade cocktails can’t have a twist?
This class is intended for the bartending novice or the home enthusiast who wants to up their game quickly and with minimal investment.

During the session, we will be making 2 cocktails and 2 starters to prepare you for your next party!


– How to make and mix cocktails at home
– How to combine flavors (spices, herbs, fruits…) with spirits
– Learn how to make homemade syrups
– Learn the difference between the techniques and why we use each one of them

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