Lebanese cuisine

Started on 8 Thu, 12:00 - 14:00

Instructor: Justine Tanachian
Date: Thursday March 8
Time: 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Price: $70 / person (all taxes included)


– Fattoush with pomegranate molasses and grilled halloumi
– Baked kebbe with pine nuts
– Kebbe stuffed with goat labneh
– Dome shaped kebbe stuffed with traditional butter and mint filling
– Mhalabiye


This traditional yet with a touch of modern cooking class will give you the best techniques to make your own fattoush salad, and 3 kinds of kebbe. This salad is the most renown kind of green dish that can brighten up any lunch or dinner table. And kebbe won’t be a challenge anymore. You won’t crave it from the restaurant or your mum’s kitchen because you will be able to master yourself.
And let’s not forget the mhalabiye, a light dessert easy and quick with the sweet smells of rose and orange blossom.


– How to make a traditional fattoush, with a little twist
– How to make kebbe bl sayniyyeh (baked in a tray)
– How to make kebbe balls stuffed with goat labneh
– How to make mhalabiye dessert, the original recipe with traditional rose water, orange blossom and pistachios sprinkles

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