Handmade Sausage Making

Started on 28 Tue, 19:00 - 21:00

Instructor: Pascal Semerdjian – Blackcap Atelier
Date: Tuesday, May 28
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Price: $95 / person (all taxes included)


– Bratwurst (German sausage made of veal, pork or both)
– Sicilian fennel sausage (Pork, fennel, garlic and red wine)
– Chorizo (Pork sausage spiced with dried peppers, garlic and wine)
– Dill pickles (Instant and fermented)
And home-brewed beer to accompany the meal

Each attendee will go back home with approx. 800 grams and 1kg of sausages


Discover the fundamentals of sausage making. Learn some tricks, get your hands dirty and have fun learning how to make 3 different kinds of sausages.

Learn the production technique behind a type of food present in almost every culture around the world! We’re here to teach you the basics on how to make your own sausages.
No previous cooking experience necessary!


– How to properly prepare your meat mixture to produce sausages
– How to season the fillings to perfection
– What ingredients to use
– How to stuff the meat mixture inside casings
– How to tie them off and form different types of sausages
– How to fry and bake sausages
– How to make instant dill pickles
– How to make fermented dill pickles

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