Cooking Techniques – Hands-On 6-Session Package 👨🏻‍🍳🔪

Start 26 Tue, 18:00 - 21:00 3 hours
From 250$

Instructor: Carolina Abi-Assaf
Date: Tuesday, September 12 till Monday, October 17 (For 6 consecutive Tuesdays)
Time: 6:00 PM till 9:00 PM 
Price: USD 250 or USD 45 per session (Dinner & Drinks Included) 


Cooking without mastering the cooking basic fundamentals is like trying to run without knowing how to tie your shoes. Therefore, we have prepared for you a package of 6 classes where you will learn all the basics of cooking: Knife skills, stocks and mother sauces, food preservation, introduction to fish, to meat, to poultry, and everything in between!

During each class, you will learn new techniques and apply them in different recipes. Each class will be followed by a dinner with drinks.


Class 1: Cooking Vegetables

You will learn: Blanch, sautée, boil and grill 
Knife skills: Peeling, chopping, brunoise, dicing, julienne, batonnet, paysanne, shredding (chiffonade), mincing
What you will be cooking: Vegetable stock, gnocchi from scratch

Class 2: Mother Sauces

You will learn: Velouté sauce, tomato sauce, hollandaise sauce, béchamel sauce, Espagnole sauce
What you will be cooking: British toast with soft boiled eggs topped with hollandaise sauce

Class 3: Risotto & Pasta

You will learn: Pasta dough from scratch, Mushroom Risotto From Scratch
What you will be cooking: Fettuccini Hand Made & Mushroom Risotto 

Class 4: Introduction to Poultry

You will learn: Food safety basics, how to choose, break down and cook a chicken
What you will be cooking: Chicken stock, chicken cacciatore (Italian chicken stew)

Class 5: Introduction to Meat

You will learn: Choose your piece of meat, butchery techniques (cleaning and cutting), grilling
What you will be cooking: Brown stock, beef stroganoff

Class 6: Introduction to Fish & Shellfish

You will learn: How to choose, clean, handle and cook your fish and shellfish
What you will be cooking: Sea food Paella 


We want you to feel as good about cooking with us as we do about hosting you back!


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