Christmas pastry package in collaboration with Valrhona

Started on 21 Sat, 10:00 - 14:00

Instructor: Marie Darcy
Date: November & December (4 sessions, once a week, every Saturday)
Starting Saturday, November 30
Time: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Price: $365/person for 4 session (all taxes included)


‘Tis the season and we just love it for all the sweets we get to eat almost guilt-free!
If you are looking to expand your baking repertoire and develop skills in pastry cooking, this class is for YOU!
During this 4-session package, you will learn the recipes of all your favorite Christmas desserts. From cookies to toffees,  Christmas logs and chocolate truffles, we will be covering them all.
This class is hands-on AND you get to take your creations with you!

Day 1: Saturday, November 30th:

On the menu:
– Gingerbread cookies
– Christmas crescent almond cookies
– Chocolate orangettes
– Classic chocolate praline rocher

Techniques you will learn:
– How to temper chocolate
– How to make a homemade praline
– How to candy orange peel
– How to make short crust pastry dough
– How to make homemade ginger bread
– How to make icing
– Assembling and decorating

Day 2: Saturday, December 7th:

On the menu:
– Mont Blanc tart
– Chocolate truffles
– Caramel truffles

Techniques you will learn:
– How to make short crust pastry dough
– How to make the authentic French meringue
– How to make chestnut mousse
– How to make chestnut vermicelli
– Assemble and decorate the tart
– How to make truffles and how to coat them without breaking them

Day 3: Saturday, December 14th:

On the menu:
– Buttercream Christmas log
– Apple and Caramel Christmas log

Techniques you will learn:
– How to make the perfect homemade caramel ganache
– How to prepare the spongiest genoise cake
– How to roll a cake
– How to make different fillings

Day 4: Saturday, December 21st:

On the menu:
– Galette des Rois
– Caramel toffee (Caramels mous au beurre salé)

Techniques you will learn:
– How to make frangipane filling
– How to build the galette
– How to decorate and cook the galette
– How to temper the caramel and how to deglaze it
– How to make chocolate dipping sauce

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