Advanced Cooking Techniques – 4-session package

Started on 8 Wed, 18:30 - 22:30

Instructor: Mickael Gantner
Date: Starting on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 (4 sessions, every Wednesday)
Time: 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Price: $360 (All taxes included)


Looking for an additive to your culinary skills?
In each session of this four-class package, you will ripen your knowledge in all of Eggs, Vegetables, Fish & Seafood and Meat.
During these classes, new cooking techniques, applications, and cuisine secrets will be revealed, not to forget the art of plating.
Every course will be followed by dinner and drinks!


Session 1: EGGS – Wednesday, April 22
Various use of eggs in dishes and various cooking methods of eggs

What you will be cooking:
– Fried egg, arugula, parmesan, and candied tomatoes salad
– Boiled egg and crunchy vegetables salad with a honey and xérès vinaigrette dressing
– Poached eggs Benedict
– Ultimate scrambled eggs
– Classic French omelets
– Pineapple, Rum, and coconut sabayon

Techniques you will be mastering:
– Different cooking times for boiled eggs: Hard-boiled eggs and soft-boiled eggs
– How to properly shell an egg
– How to fry an egg
– How to poach an egg to serve immediately or to serve later
– How to roll an omelet
– Know the different cooking times for omelets
– How to prepare a sweet sabayon

Session 2: CHICKEN – Wednesday, April 29
Different ways of cooking chicken

What you will be cooking:
– Lacquered spatchcock chicken (Poulet crapaudine laqué)
– Thyme and rosemary roasted chicken
– Basque-style chicken
– Shrimp-stuffed chicken ballotine with a cocktail sauce
– Chicken chasseur (Emincé de poulet, sauce chasseur)
– Vietnamese fried chicken wings

Techniques you will be mastering:
– How to spatchcock a chicken
– How to coat a chicken
– How to stuff, truss, and roast a whole chicken
– How to de-bone a whole chicken
– How to poach chicken thighs
– How to make chicken mousseline for stuffing
– How to poach the ballotine
– How to sauté a chicken

Session 3: MEAT – Wednesday, May 6
Introduction to various cuts of meat & different ways of cooking them

What you will be cooking:
– Beef Bourguignon, with rice pilaf and a garniture grand-mère
– Pan-seared chuck-eye steak
– Pan-seared beef tournedos, peppercorn sauce, and sautéed potatoes
– Veal schnitzel

Techniques you will be mastering:
– Learn the different cuts of meat
– Learn the different categories of meat
– How to degrease, trim, slice, and prepare different cuts of meat: Beef tenderloin tournedos, veal schnitzel, beef chuck roll
– How to make a white, blond and brown roux
– How to cook a brown stew
– How to make the perfect rice pilaf
– How to make a peppercorn sauce

Session 4: FISH & SHELLFISH – Wednesday, May 13
Introduction to different types and categories of fish & shellfish & different ways of cooking them

What you will be cooking:
Grouper fish (mérou) cooked in a salt crust
– Mediterranean-style baked grouper fish
– Grouper carpaccio
– Grouper fish and julienne vegetable en papillote
– Pan-fried grouper pavé
– Shallow poached sea bream paupiette
– Sea bass ‘en lorgnette’
– Poached sea bass ballotine, beurre blanc, and sea bass mousseline
– Classic sole meunière
– Classic moules marinières
– Moules à la crème

Techniques you will be mastering:
– How to scale a round fish and take out the spines
– How to cook in a salt crust
– How to poach your fish
– How to stuff and truss your fish
– How to oven-bake  your fish to perfection
– How to de-skin a fish and fillet it
– How to choose and clean mussels

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