Meet our

Cooking Instructors

Carolina Abiassaf

Lebanese native-born in Venezuela, Chef Abiassaf holds a degree as an international chef and is registered in the Asociación de Chefs, Cocineros y Afines de Venezuela (Venezuelan Chef Association), certified in kitchen management by the Academy of Culinary Professionals of the Americas, and certified by Pan-American Forum of Gastronomic sciences. Teaching for the past 5 years, Carolina has been tutoring students’ last restaurant projects and is also specialized in baking, cured meats, and neuro gastronomy.

Cesar El Khoury

Cesar El Khoury’s life has been defined by a profound transformation. With a strong background in biochemistry and 13 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he found himself at a crossroads when circumstances in his native Lebanon forced the closure of his company and left him unemployed. Instead of yielding to adversity, Cesar used this setback as an opportunity…

Linda Youssef

Chef Linda Youssef, a culinary virtuoso blending Lebanese and French heritage. Her passion for cooking blossomed early, crafting harmonious dishes from family traditions and refined techniques. A “Le Cordon Bleu graduate”, she artfully combines flavors and textures, creating a unique culinary symphony. Embracing local ingredients, sustainability, and creativity, her creations tell captivating stories of cultural fusion. Warm and engaging, Chef…

Marie Darcy

Marie Darcy is a French Pastry Chef. After graduating from Ferrandi Paris, she has worked at renowned hotels and pastry shops such as “Le Fouquet’s” & “La durée” Paris, “La Samanna Resort & Spa” French Caribbean island and “Labancz Bakery” Sydney.

Samar Antoun

Samar is a chef and food photographer who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. Her journey began after she finished her master’s degree in food technology and struggled to find a job; she started to grow her interest in food photography and learning how to cook. She created her own Instagram page @chefsamarantoun and started to share delicious food she made,…