Cheese feuilleté

Cheese feuilleté by Nicolas Vulgarides

Cheese feuilleté
By Nicolas Vulgarides

Preparation 30 mn
Cooking time 40 mn

Ingredients for 4 persons

Puff pastry 180gr
Beaufort cheese 45gr
Conte Cheese 45gr
Goat cheese 35gr
Ementale 45gr
Tomato confite 30gr
Balsamic glaze 5gr
Salad mix 45gr
Yellow Apple stick 15gr
Raspberry and strawberry sauce 3cl

Method of preparation

First grated the cheeses finely and store in containers
Make squares in puff pastry and keep on butter paper
Arrange a paste sprinkle with cheese Beaufort then the county and eventually goat cheese
Arrange the candied tomatoes cut into strips and make zig zag with the reduction of balsamic
Brown the edges with egg yolk and arrange the second square over
Garnish the laminate with egg yolk and draw with the tip of the knife the stripes
Bake at 180 degrees for 18 minutes and keep

When serving bake the laminate for 7 to 8 mn to warm it the dresser in the square plate