Our Mission

Relocated in the Monot area, Kitchenlab invites food lovers to explore the world of cookery in a unique environment. Our cooking atelier is equipped with individual workstations adapted for hands-on cooking classes, this way you have the benefit of learning by doing; we believe it’s the best way to really learn a recipe.

Our classes are designed for everyone from inexperienced to advanced cooks, women and men, housewives and young couples, children and teenagers. The cooking class schedule has been carefully studied to suit each group with menus adapted to all levels and are as varied as the different world cuisines are. From Thai immersion to vegetable chopping techniques, from pastry to burger, from sushi rolling to gluten free dishes, from Lebanese with a twist to Italian with a smile, and as far as your gustative imagination can go!
Timing and pricing have been also adapted to suit everyone from students to young mums, from lunch classes to afternoon and night classes, from 20 mns to 2h30 classes.

The menus are concocted under the supervision of selected cooking instructors. During your culinary adventure you will create and celebrate food led by dedicated instructors who will share their knowledge, experience, tips and passion. By following their steps, you’ll learn how to choose your ingredients and spices while doing your groceries, cooking tips and delicious easy-to duplicate dishes.
At the end of the class, students can savor their dishes in our dining room all gathered around one table, eating the food they cooked with some wine and soft drinks in comfort and camaraderie; or they can decide to take their cooked meal home and share it with their loved ones.

Kitchenlab is all about learning how to cook and making new dishes, but most of all it’s about having fun. Our classes connect you with other food lovers like you that have this passion and curiosity about food and that want to explore new tastes. You will leave with great memories, cooking tips and detailed printed recipes in hand!

Kitchenlab is also the perfect place for culinary group events whether private (birthdays, bachelors etc…) or Corporate (Team-building, employees get-togethers, product launches etc…) By planning your personalized culinary experience with us, you will reward your employees and clients with a unique concept and environment. Let our kitchen be an incentive in creating group challenges that will lead to team bonding and success, and allow for natural team camaraderie.

Finding good food and food for your holiday is like winning a jackpot at a casino or withdrawing payouts as quickly as a Best Payout Online Casinowill does. This company organizes the best possible service. The cooperation leaves a positive impression for customers who apply for services again.

Finally, the boutique showcases ranges of practical accessories, ceramic pans, silicone molds, children’s tableware, and more. These indispensable accessories are ideal to equip and brighten any kitchen, and offer gift ideas which differ from the norm.

Learning never tasted so good!