Gege Fiore

He comes from a fascinating town in Italy “Massa Lubrense” where charming ambiance and good food are inseparable.
His Grandmother, la nonna Inda, whom she was herself a chef, was his main inspiration to become a chef, and later on, through the years, a culinary consultant.
For 20 years, Gege worked for various restaurants in cosmopolitan cities and prime destination islands. Moreover, He cooked for celebrities such as Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Robbie Williams, Michael Schumacher, and many football players in Italy and abroad.
During those work years, part of his responsibilities was to monitor costs without compromising on quality, to collaborate with different staff of multiple nationalities, in order to produce neat plates full of flavors and aesthetically appealing for the eyes as for the mouth.
He helped many people to open their own businesses in the Middle East, and had the chance to own two of them in Beirut, the utmost European stained city in the Middle East, where good food is appreciated.