Cooking Techniques Package

Start 1 Tue,

Instructor: Carolina Abiassaf
Price: $597 for the 8 sessions instead of $720, if you register before Monday, June 1
With each registration, get a free pastry class, a chef coat, and a loyalty card!


Cooking without mastering the cooking basic fundamentals is like trying to run without knowing how to tie your shoes. Therefore, we have prepared for you a package of eight classes where you will learn all the basics of cooking: Knife skills, stocks and mother sauces, food preservation, introduction to fish, to meat, to poultry and everything in between!

During each class, you will learn new techniques and apply them in different recipes. Each class will be followed by a dinner with drinks.


1st class: Cooking Vegetables

You will learn: Blanch, sautée and grill
Knife skills: Peeling, chopping, brunoise, dicing, julienne, batonnet, paysanne, shredding (chiffonade), mincing 

2nd class: Stocks

You will learn: Chicken stock, vegetable stock, brown veal stock, court bouillon, fish fumet
What you will be cooking: Onion soup, cream of broccoli soup

3rd class: Mother Sauces

You will learn: Velouté sauce, tomato sauce, hollandaise sauce, béchamel sauce, Espagnole sauce
What you will be cooking: Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce

4th class: Cooking Potatoes

You will learn: How to boil, fry and bake
What you will be cooking: Rustic mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and herbs, classic potato croquettes, gnocchi from scratch

5th class: Risotto & Pasta

You will learn: Pasta dough from scratch, ravioli from scratch, risotto
What you will be cooking: Meat ravioli, mushroom risotto

6th class: Introduction to Poultry

Food safety basics with Yasmina Dakik Ahmad (aka @allaboutmamina)
You will learn: Major microbes present in poultry, meat & fish, Whether to clean or not poultry, meat and fish and the best to do so, food storage guidelines

You will learn: How to break down a chicken, how to roast a chicken
What you will be cooking: Chicken stir fry with carrots and broccoli

7th class: Introduction to Meat

You will learn: Choose your piece of meat, butchery techniques (cleaning and cutting), grilling
What you will be cooking: Beef tenderloin medallions in wine sauce

8th class: Introduction to Fish & Shellfish

You will learn: How to choose, clean, handle and cook your fish and shellfish
What you will be cooking: Seafood casserole



We want you to feel as good about cooking with us as we do about hosting you back!
For the comfort and safety of everyone in our Lab, we are following the health and safety measures communicated by the Ministry of Public Health for all our in-house classes and shopping.
Practicing social distancing and maintaining enhanced cleaning protocols, including regularly disinfecting cooking stations, high-touch surfaces, utensils, and ingredients.


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