Cooking Techniques Package Level 2

Started on 3 Mon, 18:30 - 21:00

Instructor: Mohamad El Sayed
Date: November, December 2018 (4 sessions, once per week)
Starting Monday November 19, 2018
Time: 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Price: $360 (with chef coat, paring knife and all taxes included)


Looking for an additive to your culinary skills?
In each session of this four-class package, you will ripen your knowledge in all of Eggs, Vegetables, Fish & Seafood and Meat.
During these classes, new cooking techniques, applications and cuisine secrets will be revealed.
Not to forget the dinner and drinks followed by every course!


1st class: Eggs
Introduction to eggs and its nutrients.

You will learn: Various use of eggs in dishes and various cooking methods of eggs
What you will be cooking: Omelet, cheese omelet, florentine soufflé, basic soufflé

2nd class: Vegetables
Introduction to various cooking techniques of vegetables. This course is designated for vegan/vegetarian people.

You will learn: How to combine vegetables to make the ultimate flavoured dishes
What you will be cooking: Vegetable ratatouille, beet tartare, artichoke carpaccio, marinated grilled vegetables

3rd class: Fish & Seafood
Introduction to the Mediterranean cuisine and its specialty in seafood.

You will learn: The history of the Mediterranean cuisine, the world of seafood and shellfish and the various flavours used in Mediterranean dishes
What you will be cooking: Lobster salad, salmon tartare, fish ceviche, salt-crusted sea bass

4th class: Meat
Introduction to various cuts of meat. This course is designated for Meat lovers.

You will learn: How to cook meat based on the type/cut of meat and unique dishes using various kind of meat such as lamb, beef and veal
What you will be cooking: Black angus burger, rib-eye steak, beef tartare, veal cutlets gremolata


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