MEMBER LOGIN. ASEAN Cross-Border Payments Interoperability System Feasibility Research

MEMBER LOGIN. ASEAN Cross-Border Payments Interoperability System Feasibility Research

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and ABS in joint sponsorship with all the Thai Bankers’ Association (TBA) are very happy to provide the “Cross-Border re re Payments Interoperability Network (XBPIN) Feasibility Study”.

This report provides a directory of the primary findings and includes the views and feedback of stakeholder representatives interviewed in the 2nd and quarter that is third.

ABS-MAS Financial World | Finance-as-a-Service: API PlayBook

The “Financial World: Finance-As-A-Service API PlayBook” developed in assessment with all the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) provides guidance to banking institutions, FinTech players as well as other interested entities in developing and adopting Application that is open programming (API) based system architecture.

ASEAN Banker’s Association (ABA) Workshop: Building Digital Infrastructure for future years of Banking

This workshop is hosted by The Brunei Association of Banks and organised by The Association of Banks in Singapore.

The goals for this workshop are: (1) to pay for the fundamentals of monetary technology and plunge deeper into what this means for the future. (2) to generally share regarding the advantages of accelerating innovation initiatives (3) To help FIs comprehend the fundamental technology required to transform legacy systems to be able to experience some great benefits of FinTech (4) To sensitise FIs to information safety and information governance factors (5) to give a forum for like-minded experts to change some a few some a few a few ideas and insights

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