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7:00 PM till 9:30 PM
MENU - Traditional Couscous - Chocolate Mousse
7:00 PM till 9:30 PM
MENU - Spicy salmon poke bowl - Sushi rice - Instant pickled cucumbers - Julienne vegetables - Edamame pods - Hand rolled tamaki salmon - Vegetable rolled maki 
10:30 AM till 12:30 PM
MENU (Taught From Scratch) - Japanese Cheesecake (2 per person) - Honey Topping - Powder Sugar Topping
7:30 PM till 10:00 PM
MENU - Pink Cosmoplolitan - Rose Sangria - Ginger Graperfruit Margarita
7:00 PM till 9:30 PM
The Unique Entrec√īte Formula - The Famous Sauce - Beef meat¬†- Accompanied by Delicious Pommes Frites - Apple Crumble
7:00 PM till 9:30 PM
MENU - Plant Based Coconut Curry - Basmati Rice with Mustard Seeds - Fried Crunchy Oyster Mushrooms
11:00 AM till 2:00 PM
MENU - Ganache Montée au Chocolat Noir, Sumac, Pommes Caramélisées & Croquant Cannelle 
7:00 PM till 9:30 PM
MENU - Calzone Pizza with two types of cheese and many add-ons - Focaccia Bread 
7:00 PM till 9:30 PM
MENU - Chicken pakora & raita dip - Creamy sweet potato, curry with rice
7:00 PM till 9:30 PM
MENU - Chicken Corn Soup - Steamed Jasmine Rice - Beef Sesame Sweet & Sour
7:00 PM till 9:30 PM
MENU - Boeuf Stroganoff - Apple Crumble  - Red Wine
7:00 PM till 9:30 PM
MENU - The smoked cheese & portobello mushroom Brgr - Hand-cut crunchy fries - Sauces from scratch: Brgr sauce and chipotle sauce
Meet our

Cooking Instructors

Carolina Abiassaf

Lebanese native-born in Venezuela, Chef Abiassaf holds a degree as an international chef and is registered in the¬†Asociaci√≥n de Chefs, Cocineros y Afines de Venezuela (Venezuelan¬†Chef Association),¬†certified¬†in kitchen management by the Academy¬†of¬†Culinary¬†Professionals of the¬†Americas, and¬†certified¬†by Pan-American Forum of Gastronomic¬†sciences. Teaching for the past 5 years, Carolina has been tutoring¬†students’¬†last restaurant¬†projects and is also specialized in¬†baking,¬†cured meats, and¬†neuro¬†gastronomy.

Dory Masri

Executive Chef of Pickles (BrgrCo, PzzaCo, DeliCo & Ummi) in Lebanon and BrgrCo in London. Graduated in Catering & hospitality from Westminster Kingsway College in London,¬†Dory worked at various places to include, Gordon Ramsey restaurant, The Connaught Hotel,¬† St Johns in London and Le Marais in Paris. His accomplishments: – Gold medal, first class winner, Chef of the year Le…

Erich Von Gehren 

Erich Von Gehren, executive chef, corporate chef, director of operations and restaurant owner, always bringing his unique culinary sensibility to the table. He has conceptualized, opened and operated dozens of restaurants and hotels around the world, such as Albergo Hotel’s restaurant in Beirut, combining his broad food & beverage acumen with an astute hospitality business sense. At ease in many…

Farid Chehab

After having started a career in investment banking across Europe, Chef Farid reconverted into the culinary world under the arms of Alain Ducasse. He founded a first catering business in 2013, Kitchen Central, then a second one in 2018, l’Olivier Catering, operating from Deir al Kalaa Country Club. He consults for numerous F&B concepts in Lebanon and abroad and specializes…

Hadi Hazim

Hadi Hazim is owner and head chef at Fusion Cult. the pop up kitchen specializing in fusing different cuisines with a natural penchant for Lebanese specialties. His endeavour into food stems from a long-term passion for cooking that came full circle during his studies in Florence. Following his return back to Beirut, he held several residencies as guest chef around…

Hisham Assaad

Hisham¬†is a graphic designer and food blogger who has made his way into food writing, styling, and photography through the recipes, stories, and photos he shares on his blog. Having been raised in a food loving Lebanese family which came to Lebanon during the Nabka.¬†Hisham¬†has been collecting many influences to begin his own personal path in food.¬†Hisham¬†learnt all about food…

Jack Zgheib

Currently a senior mixology bartender at The Tipplers and beverage manager at Albergo Hotel, specialized in providing a wide range of beverage and cocktail bar. Jack started his career as¬†a hobby. In 2009 he has participated in several competitions like Skinos ‚Äď Mastiha spirit 2013 in Greece and Monin cup 2014 in Paris and many others‚Ķ He has completed the…

Justine Tanachian

Coming from a family who loves to cook and share, she decided to follow her passion after she graduated from economics. Cooking and baking are her therapy for everything, she loves to share her happiness in the kitchen, learn more and teach the best recipes she creates. Six years ago she turned a part of her dreams into reality by…

Marie Darcy

Marie Darcy is a French Pastry Chef. After graduating from Ferrandi Paris, she has worked at renowned hotels and pastry shops such as “Le Fouquet’s” & ‚ÄúLa dur√©e‚ÄĚ Paris, ‚ÄúLa Samanna Resort & Spa‚ÄĚ French Caribbean island and ‚ÄúLabancz Bakery‚ÄĚ Sydney.

Massimo Baliva

Head chef at an Italian restaurant in Lebanon, Chef Massimo Baliva grew up in Italy between his grandmother‚Äôs kitchen & his grandfather‚Äôs vineyard. He began his career in Hospitality as a chef at the local hotel. He took a break from cooking pursuing a new career in visual effects & directing award winning commercials and short films, but his love…

Mickael Gantner

Executive Chef at ‚ÄúCentrale‚ÄĚ restaurant in Beirut. Born in Alsace in 1981, he pursued his classes at the Hotel “La Cour d’Alsace” in Obernai from 1996 to the year 2000. After that, he started his real active career in¬†high class gastronomy in Paris and ¬†worked his way up in “La Tour d’Argent” and “Le Meurice” with Mr. Yanick Alleno. Later…

Mohamad El Sayed

Chef Mohamad Al Sayed cumulates over 15 years of culinary professional experience. Driven by his passion for culinary art, he worked his way up in the Food & Beverage industries over years of related successes and accomplishments. Through his work experience with Micheline Star Chefs, MOF‚Äôs, and Lebanese Star Chefs, he gained extensive knowledge on the principles and techniques of…

Nguyel Ngoc Son

Chef Son kicked off his cooking adventure when he was only 18 years old in his home-country, Vietnam. His very first job in the kitchen took place in a Japanese restaurant ‚ÄúAsahi‚ÄĚ. He then moved to ‚ÄúHazuki‚ÄĚ – a Japanese and Thai restaurant. Later on, his huge passion for the Japanese cuisine led him to open his very own restaurant,…

Sarah Machlab @Beyrutbaker

Sarah Machlab is a self taught sourdough baker. Having stumbled upon the world of fermentation, she was instantly gripped and thus began her journey of baking bread in its oldest known form to man and the most nutritious and digestible way, as well. She has taken several renowned courses internationally including a diploma at the Sourdough School in Northampton. She‚Äôs…

Sylvie Ayoub

“I‚Äôm Sylvie, the person behind Holy Mitt. I‚Äôve been drawn to the kitchen since I was a teenager. I majored in Architecture and in 2019, I decided to quit my job and follow my true passion, cooking! This is how Holy Mitt was born on Instagram; I started developing my own recipes, cooking, styling, and photographing my dishes, then sharing…

Tina Khalil Diab

As a young newlywed, one of the first between her friends to get married, Tina found herself struggling daily with the responsibilities of suddenly running an entire house! Self-taught cooking blogger and mom she is channeling all her energy and knowledge into baby‚Äôs food trying to come up with easy, accessible, healthy and nutritious meals. This is how she came…

Wael Lazkani

Wael Lazkani has been cooking all over the world for 18 years. After studying and working for years as a chef in London, Geneva, France and Montreal, he almost quit the field. But then he discovered Asian cuisine and accidentally landed a gig as a chef on a yacht. For the next eight years he was forced to get ‚Äúpainfully…

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